i missed…….?

While my class were on Rubicon camp, I was extremely bored…. i missed all my friends, i didnt do much at school but play my favourite game minecraft. but i found it funny becuase Ruby and Elektra went on camp to see snow but got there to find thats there was no snow. haha so i laughed!

Escape from Worryvile (letter)


As you know im not here. i have run away. i think i just needed a break, with everything with mum and life at the moment. but dont worry i’ll be fine im at a friends place. i’ll come home when i feel better. hope you figure everything out and tell mum not to worry.

love  from Thomas

(now it the return letter from his dad)


i knew you were depressed and mad but you have to understand that i carnt handle life or anything with your mum with- out you. okay…… son i do love you but you need to tough it out, so you want to know how upset your mother was when i told her where i was going.

i’ll give you 2 days to come home, if not then i will search everyhouse in the city to find you. please dont leave me alone to figure everything out with your mother i dont have the strength you do. Im sorry that i didnt help it when i yelled at you but i hope we can manage to keep it together.

love from your father.  P.S      please be home soon.

My Science Year

My sciece year went really well as most of our year 7s were here last year, so this year we did the same thins but it was good becasue some
the things we did were so good it was good to do them again. but other things were boring the second time. but i still learnt more about science. witch was good becuase we looked over different things so it was exciting 🙂