Escape from Worryvile (letter)


As you know im not here. i have run away. i think i just needed a break, with everything with mum and life at the moment. but dont worry i’ll be fine im at a friends place. i’ll come home when i feel better. hope you figure everything out and tell mum not to worry.

love  from Thomas

(now it the return letter from his dad)


i knew you were depressed and mad but you have to understand that i carnt handle life or anything with your mum with- out you. okay…… son i do love you but you need to tough it out, so you want to know how upset your mother was when i told her where i was going.

i’ll give you 2 days to come home, if not then i will search everyhouse in the city to find you. please dont leave me alone to figure everything out with your mother i dont have the strength you do. Im sorry that i didnt help it when i yelled at you but i hope we can manage to keep it together.

love from your father.  P.S      please be home soon.

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