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1. They do it because they need to find out every little thing about them but it is easier to do it when they are in groups.
• They first find an animal
• Then they kill it and look at it insides and see how it is built
• Then they do a science thing and find out with it eats and see what they are like are they mammals or invertebrates or vertebrates

2. Because it means that we can call it a certain thing and its not just an it and it is good to classify things so we know what it is about and how it forms
sevices- horse and cart or sheep dog
products- dairy products
social benefits- like cats or bush walking

4. I liked my project because I got to know about all the things that I have never ever heard about before and I could have done my pictures abit better they were a bit off and I think I can.

5. Because they provide food for other animals so they keeps other animals alive and they pollinate a certain plants or weed that important

7/8 Melbourne camp

this is 7/8 Melbourne camp.
first we went to our hotel and got sorted. secondly we went to the park for lunch. then we went to the museum and watched the tutankhamen thing.
we then went to the MCG for a tour with a lady.
after that we went back to our hotel and had dinner then we got ready for ice scating. we had the most fun there.
then we went back to the hotel and went to bed. the next morning we went for breaky at the hotel and then went to the Melbourne aquarium and stayed there for a while. after that we went to the train station and went home. 🙂